Free download Animation Composer After Effects Plugin

Animation composer

Animation composer by Misterhorse.

The most loved plugin just got a major update. Now you can add your own stuff. Animation composer is a free plug-in for Adobe After Effects used by more than 100 000 motion designers. (Source:

Animation composer Transitions

It’s a complete pack of Presets, Transitions, Sound effects, Text Boxes, Social Media stuff, Illustrations, elements, animated fonts, Essential Typography, Shape elements, and 2D Special Effects. (Source:

It’s time to take your video production to the next level. If you do professional motion graphics or you shoot video ads, weddings, music videos, or anything else this is a tool you absolutely need. It’s a tool that helps you create animations in a few minutes. (Source:

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Social media buttons
Shape transitions
Text Transitions

Animating your layers with presets is fun. You can try different animations in seconds. Everything is super easy to add, remove or customize.

Create mind-blowing cinematography quickly and with no hassle. Add a transition on a cut and voila, magic!

Sound effects
Some of the basic sound effects you have heard here and there. Swooshes, slides, clicks or blasts. All with adjustable pitch.

Text boxes
Auto-scaling and fully customizable. The basic building block of any video. These will never get old.

Social media stuff
If you create videos for social media, these will come in handy. The essential call-to-action titles for getting a like, subscribe, and more. (Source:

Animation composer Illustrations

Animation Composer is a pack of free presets, pre-comps, and sound effects that you can use in your projects. Everything is fast and easily adjustable. (Source:

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