Free Download VC Reflect v1.0.15 (WIN+MAC)

It’s free and I will continue to give out free downloads!

Video Copilot VC Reflect v1.0.15 Free Download

If you are looking to create a nice reflection for your images in Adobe After Effects, then this free plugin is best for you. The VC Reflect is a very exciting free plugin from Thanks to Andrew Kramer. It creates a nice reflection for your images in Adobe After Effects. 

Installation: Just copy the VCReflect.aex plugin and paste it into Adobe > Adobe After Effects > Support Files > Plug-ins

After installation of the plugin then open Adobe After Effects and create a new composition. Then go to the file menu > Import > Import the images. Then drag your images to the composition and make it smaller. Go to Effects & Presets and search the plugin then drag and drop to the image layer then make the changes.

New MacOS Catalia Support: Install the latest version of the Mac plug-in!

Good news! We updated this plug-in to work with PPC Macs. If you were having trouble loading the plug-in on your MAC with AE7 or a G5 processor, try the latest build 14 and see if that works for ya!

Check out the tutorial and download the project with the plugin. Click Here

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