How to make 3D Cube Animation in Adobe After Effects

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If you are looking to create a 3D Cube animation then you are at the right place. In this tutorial, I will teach you to create a cool-looking 3D Cube animation in Adobe After Effects without using any third-party plugins. I recommend you to watch this video till the end to get the same results.

Here’s a step by step guide.

Step 1: Open Adobe After effects. Go to the files and import the letters. You can download these letters. I have added the download link.

Step 2: Create a new composition then rename it and type any name you want. Set the resolution to 500X500 Pixels. 30 frames per second, and set the duration to 1 minute. We need 5 more compositions similar to this.

Step 3: Select the composition and press Control+D to make it duplicate 5 times. Open the first composition. Drag the letter A image into it. Open the second composition and drag the letter B image into it.

Step 4: Create a new composition. Rename it to 3D cube or whatever name you give it. Set the resolution to 1920×1080 pixels and duration to 10 seconds. select all compositions from top to bottom, drag and drop to the new composition.

Step 5: Check the Snapping option from the toolbar. Select Composition number 2 and drag it to the right side. This is a very simple and easiest method to create a 3D cube. Now, right-click composition number 3.
Go to transform and select flip horizontal. Right-click on composition number 6 and flip it horizontally.
Select all compositions then enable the 3D option. Change the camera view to Custom view 1.

Step 6: Select the camera tool and rotate it. Select the letter B composition then select the anchor point tool. Move the anchor point to the right side. Press R to open rotation properties, and change the Y rotation to -90 degrees. Select the letter D composition. Move the anchor point to the left side, and change the Y rotation to +90 degrees.

Step 7: Select composition number 5, which is the E letter composition. Move the anchor point and change the X rotation to -90 degrees. Select the F letter composition, Move the anchor point then change the X rotation to -90 Degrees.

Step 8: Let’s fix the last composition which is composition number 3. Select the move tool and change the Z position. Select all compositions, right-click and select pre-compose. Then enable the option and the 3D option. Create a new camera layer then create the null object layer and make it 3D. Change the Y rotation.

Step 9: Just drag the pick whip to the null layer. Select the 3D cube composition layer. Go to transform. And Select the anchor point, then drag the anchor point in the middle of the cube.
Let’s check it again.

We are done! Our 3D Cube animation is ready.

Here you can download the free project file (File Size: 4 MB)

Password: rizatgraphics_3DCube

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