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Simple Neon Flicker Text animation in After Effects

Simple Neon Flicker Text animation

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If you are looking to create a Neon Flicker Text animation in After Effects then you are definitely at the right place. In this tutorial, you will learn to create your own Neon Flicker Text Animation in After Effects with the help of a free plugin called SABER. This Animation can be used for so many purposes, such as creating titles, and logos for videos, advertisements, or Instagram posts. To create neon Text Animation, we are going to use a free Plugin called Saber. The end result is a mind-blowing, attention-grabbing animation that stands out and captures the viewer’s attention. You can watch this video on Youtube or here is a step by step guide.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Open Adobe After Effects, then create a new composition. Rename it to the Neon Flicker. Set the resolutions to 1920×1080 Pixels, 30 frames per second and set the duration to 7 seconds.

Step 2: Go to the File Menu > Import the wall Texture. Drag the texture to create a new composition with the same size.
Neon Flicker 1

Step 3: Go back to the main composition which is Neon Flicker Composition. Drag the Texture composition into the main composition. Rename it to the Wall Center then Press S to open scale properties and decrease the scale to 55%.

Neon Flicker 2

Step 4: Select the Wall Center layer, and press Control + D to make it duplicate. Rename it to Wall right. Then enable the 3D option. Then Press R Key on the Keyboard to open rotation properties. Then change the Y rotation to negative 90 degrees. Change the X position to 1664. Then increase the Scale to 75%.

Step 5: Duplicate the Wall right layer. Rename it to the wall left, and open the rotation properties. Then Change the Y rotation to positive 90 degrees. Then change its position to 256.

Step 6: Move the wall center layer just above all layers. Now, create an Adjustment layer. Go to Effects and presets. Search the Effect Hue and saturation, then drag and drop to the adjustment layer. Change the master hue to -100. Again Go to Effects and presets and Search the Effect CC Vignette. Change the amount to 300. Change the Pin highlight to 100. Go back to the Main Composition and check the results.
Neon Flicker 3

Step 7: Let’s Create another adjustment layer in the Main Composition. Go to the Effects and Presets, and drrag and drop the CC Vignette effect to the adjustment layer. Change the amount to 420. Pin highlight to 100. Also, drag and drop the same effect on the Wall center layer. Amount to 420. Pin highlight to 100.

Step 8: Create a New Composition. I am calling it Neon Text. Select the Type tool from the Toolbar and Type your text. I am using the Font Hello Denver Display Regular.

Step 9: Right-click on the Text layer then go to Create and Choose Create Masks from Text. As you can see we have a separate mask for each letter. Just turn off the Mask. Go to the E letter Mask Properties then Add a keyframe on Mask Opacity. Decrease the opacity to 0%. Go to 2 frames forward then Change the opacity to 100%. Repeat the same process for the remaining letters.

Neon Flicker 4

Step 10: Go to the Effects & Presets and search the Effect Saber. Drag and drop to the Neon Outlines layer.
Change the preset type to Neon. Under the customized core. Change the core type to Layer masks, and Set the Glow intensity to 35%. Set the Glow Spread, and Glow Bias to 0.10.

Step 11: Now, change the Alpha mode to Mask Core.

Neon Flicker 5

Go to Render Settings, and change the Composite settings to Transparent.

Neon Flicker 6

Step 12: Hide this Neon Outline layer, and unhide the Text layer. Enable the Toggle transparency then Change the font color to black. Right click on the Text layer. Go to Layer Styles, then Select the Bevel and Emboss. Again right click on the text layer and then layer styles and choose Drop Shadow. Under the drop shadow settings. Change the distance to 35. Change the Size to 15.

Step 13: Now, drag the Neon layer to start from 1 second. The unhide the Neon layer.

Neon Flicker 7

Step 14: Go back to the Neon Flicker composition. Drag the Neon Text composition just above the Adjustment layer. Go to the Layer Menu > New > Select the Null Object. Rename it to Neon Color. Right-click on it. Then Effect > Then Expression controls > Choose color control. You can choose any color you want. Lock the Effect Controls. Go to the Neon Text Composition then Go under the saber properties. Hold the Alt Key on the Keyboard and click the Glow color stop watch icon to add an expression. Drag the Pick whip to the Color Control.

Step 15: Select the Neon Outlines layer and press Control + C to copy it. Go to the Texture composition then Paste the Stroke outlines layer. Press S to open Scale properties then increase the scale to 220% and Align it to the center. Go to Effects and Presets. Search the Effect Fast Box blur. Drag and drop to the Neon Outlines layer. Change the Blur radius to 50. And Iterations to 30. Finally, change the layer blending mode from normal to Hard light.

Step 16: Copy and paste the Neon Outline layer, just below the Neon Text layer. Also change the blending mode to hard light.

Our Neon Flicker Text Animation is Ready. I am happy with the Results.

Neon Flicker Sign Final Result

Here You can download the Free Project File (File Size: 3.4MB)


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