Typewriter Text Effect in Adobe After Effects

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If you are looking to create your text to be animated like a typewriter then this tutorial is made for you. In this tutorial, you will learn to create a typing text animation or typewriter text animation in Adobe After Effects without using any plugins. This is a very short and interesting tutorial, so I recommend you to watch my video till the end. Because I made each video with hard work and easy for beginners.

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1: Open Adobe after effects. Create a new composition with 1920×1080 Resolution. Frame rate to 30 frames per second, and set the duration to 10 seconds.

Step 2: Select the type tool from the toolbar then add your text. Then align your text to the center.

Step 3: Go to the Layer > Then New > Select the adjustment layer. Rename the Adjustment layer to Controls. Go to the Effects and Presets and search the Effect Slider control.

Step 4: Drag and drop the Slider control on the adjustment layer. Lock the Effects and controls panel.
We need 2 more sliders.

Step 5: So the Slider Effect, and press Control+D two times. Rename the first effect to Speed, rename the second slider to Blinking Speed, and rename the third Slider effect to Start At.

Step 6: Download the expression. Scroll down to get a download link. Just copy this expression.

Step 7: Go to the text properties > Then under the Text, Hold the ALT Key on the keyboard and click the stopwatch icon to add an expression.

Step 8: Paste the expression there. We’ll get an error. So, don’t worry and follow the next step.

Step 9: We have to replace some values. So, select the Blinkling Speed text and drag the pick whip to the Blinking Speed slider.

Step 10: Select the “Start At” Text and drag the pick whip to the “Start At” slider.

Step 11: Select the Speed text, and drag the pick whip to the Speed Slider.

Step 12: Change the speed to 5, and the text will be visible. Change the blinking speed to 3. Change the Start At to 1. It means our text animation will start from 1 Second.

Step 13: If you want to make your animation slower, just change the speed from 5 to 2. If you want to make your animation faster, just change the speed from 2 to 15. Also, change the cursor blinking speed to 5.

Step 14: Set the speed back to 8.

We are done! Our Typewriter text animation in After Effects is ready.

Here you can download the free Project file (File Size: 14 KB)

Password: rizatgraphics11

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