How to Create a layered Text Effect in Photoshop

Hello guys. Are you looking to create this beautiful layered text effect in photoshop? Then you are definitely at the right place. In this Photoshop text tutorial, I will show you how I created this layered text effect.

This is a unique text effect. If you are a beginner in photoshop then this tutorial is designed for you. After watching this tutorial you will easily create this amazing layered text effect in photoshop.

You don’t need to install any effect in Photoshop. We are going to create this layered text effect from the scratch.

Here’s the effect we’re going to create.

Let’s Get started!
Step 1: Open Adobe Photoshop. Then create a new document. Rename it to Layered text or whatever name you like. Set the width to 1920 Pixels, and the Height to 1080 Pixels.

Step 2: Select the Horizontal Type tool, and type anything you want. Then align your text to the center.

Step 3: Go to the layers Section, select the text layer then Press Control J to make it duplicate. Now, we have two text layers. Let’s rename the text layers to Text 1, and Text 2.

Step 4: Hide the bottom text layer, and Double click on the top text layer to open the blending options.

Bevel and Emboss Settings:
Change the depth to 31%. Change the size to 3 px. Change the softness to 1 px. Change the angle to 120 degrees. Check the Anti Aliased. Change the Highlight mode opacity to 75%, and shadow mode opacity to 100%.

Inner Shadow Settings:
Change the opacity to 28%. Distance to 0px. Size to 9px. And change the noise value to 1%.

Drop Shadow Settings:
Change the opacity to 18%. Distance to 2 px. Spread to 0%. Size to 0 px.

Gradient Overlay:
Change the first gradient color value to #b1b1b1, and the second gradient value to #ffffff.

Then close the Blending Options.

Step 5: Hide the top text layer, and unhide the bottom text layer. Double-click the bottom text layer to open the blending options.

Bevel & Emboss: (Settings for the bottom text layer)
Change the Depth to 960%, Size to 6 px, and softness to 8 px. Change the Highlight opacity value to 66%. Change the shadow mode from Multiply to normal. Then change the opacity to 75%. Change the Shadow mode color value to #006ee9.

Inner Shadow Settings:
Blend mode to Color Dodge. Change the color value to #2deeff. But you can choose any color if you like. Change the opacity to 17%. Choke to 35px, size to 16px.

Gradient Overlay:
Add one more color to the gradient. Now, we’ve 3 gradient colors. Change the left gradient color value to #006ee9.
Change the middle gradient color value to #2deeff, and change the right gradient color value to #006ee9.

Change the stroke size to 1px, and change the color to white. We are almost there! Close the Blending Options.

Step 5: Unhide both layers. Select the top text layer, then add a layer mask. Keep the layer mask selected, go to the tools and select the brush. Change the brush size to 40 to 45 pixels. Select the black color, then Start making circles on the top layer mask. Then make the brush size small and make more circles.

Step 6: Now, create a background layer and choose a dark color.

Finally, our layered text effect in photoshop is Done.

I hope you have learned a lot from this tutorial and that you can apply these skills to your workflow. I have added the free project file for practice purposes.

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Free Download the .PSD file (918 KB)