How to Make Neon Text Effect in Photoshop

Hello everyone. If you are looking to create a neon text effect in photoshop. Then this tutorial is made for you. In this tutorial, you will learn to create a neon text effect in Photoshop. If you don’t have photoshop knowledge, don’t worry. I made this tutorial specially for beginners. This is 100% editable, you can easily change your text or you can place a logo. You don’t need to install any effect in Photoshop. We are going to create this neon text effect in photoshop from the scratch. If you want to make a Neon Text Animation then see mine After effects tutorial.
Anyway, Here’s the effect we’re going to create.
neon text effect in photoshop
Let’s Get Started!
Step 1: Open a wall texture in Photoshop which is downloaded from Unsplash . com. But you are free to use any image if you want.

Step 2: Select the image layer, go to the effects and select the levels. Change the output level value to 122. Again Select the image layer, then go to the effects and select the Black & White effect. Change the Reds value to 46, Greens to 63, Cyan to 42, and Blue to 52.

Step 3: Create a new layer, then convert it to the smart objects. Then rename it to Neon Text. Double-click the Smart object layer to go inside.

Step 4: Select the type tool from the tools, and add your text. Use the thin font face. Align your text to the center. Change the text color to white. Go to the File menu and select SAVE.

Step 5: Go back to the Main text window, then double click the Neon Text layer to open the Blending Options.
Step 6: Select the Outer Glow.

Outer Glow Settings:
Change the blend mode to Lighten. Change the opacity to 70%. Change the spread to 10%, and change the size to 50px. Change the range value to 40%. Then close the Blending Options.

Step 7: Select the Neon Text layer, then Press Control J to make it duplicate. Now, we have two Neon text effect layers.

Step 8: Double-click the bottom Neon Text effect layer to open the Blending Options.

Outer Glow Settings:
Change the Opacity to 50%. Spread to 8%, Size to 70%. Now close the Blending Options.

Step 9: Duplicate the Bottom Neon text effect layer. Rename it to Text 3 or whatever name you give it. Double-click the layer to open the Blending Options.

Outer Glow Settings:
Change the Blend mode to Color Dodge, change the opacity to 35%, change the spread to 60%, size to 250px, and range to 100%.

Step 10: Create a new layer, rename it to Wall lights and change the blending option to Overlay. Select the brush tool and choose the same color as your text color, and change the brush opacity to 15%. Then start painting on the wall to make it look more realistic lighting shade.

Double click the Neon Text layer, and change your text or add a logo in white color. Finally, we are done.

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Here you can download the free .PSD file (29.9 MB)


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