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Animate Text on a Path in Adobe After Effects

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If you are trying to animate Text on a Path in Adobe After Effects, then you are at the right place. In this tutorial, I will show you to text on a path in Adobe After Effect. This is a very simple and easy tutorial specially for beginners. For better results, I recommend you to watch this video till the end.

Here’s the Step by Step Guide.

Step 1: Open Adobe After Effects. Go to Composition and create a new composition. Rename it to “Text on a Path” or whatever name you give it. Set the resolution to 1920×1080 Pixels. Frame rate to 30 frames per second. Set the duration to 10 Seconds.

Step 2: Select the Horizontal Type tool and type your text. Keep the Text Layer Selected, and select the Pen tool and make a path. (It will create a Mask on our text layer)

Step 3: Go to text properties > Then Under the Text > Then Path Options > Select the Path from none to Mask 1. (Which we created earlier.)

Step 4: Make sure you are at the first frame. Degrease the value of the first margin to negative numbers then add a keyframe. Go to about 4-5 frames forward and change the first value.

Step 5: Press U on a Keyboard to reveal all keyframes. Select all keyframes, then right-click and go to Keyframe Assistant and choose Easy ease.

Step 6: Select the first two keyframes. Go to graph editor and slightly change the graph to make your animation smooth and nice.

Note: You can also import the path from Adobe Illustrator.

We are done! Our Text on a path animation is ready.


Here you can download the free project file (File Size: 68 KB)

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