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Cinematic Text Reveal in Adobe After Effects

In this easy-to-follow tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a cool effect in Adobe After Effects. It’s called a “Cinematic Text Reveal.” We’ll use a special tool called “Saber,” which you can get for free. I’ll show you how to download it, and then we’ll use it to make our text look awesome! Whether you’re just starting or have some experience, this tutorial will guide you through every step so you can create amazing effects in your videos. Let’s get started and make something awesome together!

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Cinematic Text Reveal in Adobe After Effects:

Step 1: Setting Up the Composition

  • Open Adobe After Effects and create a new composition.
  • Name it “Cinematic Text Reveal” and set the resolution to 1920×1080 pixels, with a frame rate of 30 frames per second (fps).
  • Adjust the duration to either 5 or 10 seconds, depending on your preference.

Step 2: Typing Your Text

  • Select the Type tool from the Toolbar and click anywhere on the screen to input your desired text.
  • Ensure the text is aligned centrally and adjust the anchor point accordingly.

Step 3: Pre-composing the Text

  • Right-click on the text layer and choose “Pre-compose.”
  • Rename it to your preference, such as “Text Comp.”

Step 4: Importing Required Files

  • Import the necessary files for your project and organize them within the composition.

Step 5: Adding Texture

  • Drag and drop a dark texture layer just below the text layer.
  • Adjust the scale and apply the Alpha Matte track matte to blend it seamlessly with the text.

Step 6: Enhancing the Texture

  • Apply the Curves effect to the texture layer to fine-tune its brightness and contrast, ensuring it complements the text effectively.

Step 7: Adding a 3D Effect

  • Duplicate the text comp layer and apply the Fill and Bevel & Alpha effects to create a three-dimensional appearance.
  • Customize settings to achieve the desired depth and realism.

Step 8: Pre-composing Again

  • Pre-compose all layers, including the text and effects, into a single composition for easier management.

Step 9: Enabling 3D and Adding a Camera

  • Enable 3D for the new composition.
  • Create a camera and a Null object, then parent the camera to the Null object to facilitate smoother camera movements.

Step 10: Animating Camera Movement

  • Utilize keyframes to animate the Null object’s position, generating dynamic motion for the text reveal.
  • Apply easing for smoother transitions between keyframes.

Step 11: Adding Particles and Lens Flare

  • Introduce additional visual elements such as particles and lens flare to enhance the cinematic effect.
  • Customize settings to achieve the desired visual impact.

Step 12: Applying the Saber Effect

  • Utilize the Saber effect to add dynamic energy to the text reveal.
  • Customize settings for glow intensity, size, and animation timing to suit your project requirements.

Step 13: Final Touches

  • Fine-tune the animation by adjusting opacity, position, and timing for added impact and polish.

Step 14: Conclusion

  • Congratulations! You’ve successfully created a captivating Cinematic Text Reveal in Adobe After Effects. Feel free to explore further customization and experimentation to make it truly your own.

Project File Details:

UpdatedApril 7, 2024
CompatibilityAfter Effects CC
Required PluginSaber
Size27 MB
CategoryText Animation Tutorials