Digital Typewriter Text Effect in After Effects

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Digital Typewriter Text Effect in After Effects

Learn to create a digital typewriter text reveal in After Effects. You can use this text effect for your projects, logo animations, and more. This text effect is created in the latest version of After Effects. There are many options available in the effects control settings when you apply this effect to text. You can adjust the cursor blinking speed, set the text reveal start and end timing, and change the blinking cursor type.

The “Digital Typewriter” effect in Adobe After Effects makes text look like it’s being typed on a screen, with a blinking cursor. This effect is great for making your text animations look like they are from an old typewriter. In this guide, you’ll learn how to set up your project, add and style your text, apply the typewriter effect, animate the text, and add some cool effects. Follow these steps to make a fun and eye-catching typewriter animation.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Digital Typewriter in After Effects:

Setting Up the Composition

Open Adobe After Effects and create a new composition. Name it “Digital Typewriter” or any name you prefer. Use your usual resolution and frame rate, and set the duration to 10 seconds.

Adding and Configuring Text

Select the Type Tool from the toolbar. Choose the font “DS Digital” and set the font size to 200 pixels. Make sure the text alignment is set to left align. Click anywhere on the screen and type your text. Center the anchor point and then align your text to the center.

Applying the Typewriter Effect

Move your time cursor to the first frame. Go to Effects & Presets, search for, and apply the “Blinking Cursor Typewriter Console” effect. To hide the blinking cursor, uncheck the cursor checkbox. You can also change the cursor shape to “Underscore” and adjust the cursor blinking speed. Preview the effect to see how it looks.

Animating Text Appearance and Disappearance

Select the text layer and press U to reveal all keyframes. Move the time indicator to 3 seconds and add a keyframe with the same value. Move to 4 seconds and change the slider value to 0. Move to 5 seconds and change the slider value back to 100. Move to 7 seconds and add a keyframe with the same value. Finally, move to 8 seconds and change the slider value back to 0. Keep your time indicator at 8 seconds and press N to select the work area.

Changing Text within the Same Layer

Move your time indicator to where the first text disappears. Go to the text properties, and under “Text,” click the source stopwatch icon to add a keyframe. Press Control and the right arrow key 3 times to move 3 frames forward, then double-click on the text layer and change your text. Preview the changes to see the new text animation.

Adding Effects for a Final Touch

Keep the text layer selected and go to “Effects & Presets.” Search for and apply the Glow effect, changing the Glow Threshold to 70%. Next, search for and apply the Venetian Blinds effect, changing the Transition Completion value to 20%, the Angle to 90 degrees, and the Width value to 5. Preview the final animation to ensure everything looks good.

By following these steps, you’ll create a polished digital typewriter effect with multiple text animations and additional effects.

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