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Create a Falling letters animation in After Effects

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If you are looking to create an amazing falling letters animation, then you are at the right place. In this tutorial, you will learn to create a falling text animation in After Effects without using any plugins or expressions. This is a 100% unique and easy tutorial specially for beginners. For better results, I recommend you watch the video tutorial.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: Open Adobe After Effects then Create a New composition. I am calling it Falling letters animation. Set the resolutions to 1920×1080 Pixels, 30 frames per second, and Set the duration to 10 seconds.

Step 2: Go to the File Menu, then import the blank paper image. Drag and drop the paper image into a composition. Then copy the dummy text, select the type tool from the toolbar and create a text box.

Step 3: Right-click in the text box, then paste the text. Go under the text properties, click the little arrow button, then choose character offset. Go under animator 1, then add a keyframe on Offset. Change the value to negative 100%. Go forward to 3 seconds. Then change the offset value to 50%.

Step 4: Go under the advanced, and change the shape from square to Ramp down. Change the ease high value to 100%. Also, change the ease low value to 100%. Turn on the Randomize Order then change the random seed to 100.

Step 5: Click the little Add button. Then Go to properties and choose Position. Then add a keyframe on Position properties. Go to 3 seconds forward then change the Y position to 1500. Select all keyframes, right click then go to Keyframe assistant and Choose easy ease.

Step 6: Click on Add button then Go to properties then Choose the rotation property. Add a keyframe then Go forward to 5 frames. Change the rotation to 1 round. Go forward to 3 seconds then change the rotation to 5 rounds. Drag the offset keyframe to 5 seconds.

Step 7: Select the Text layer and press Control D to make it duplicate. Hide the second text layer. Go to the first text layer properties then under the text, and delete the first animator. Go to the effects & Presets. Search the effect typewriter. Drag and drop to the text layer. Keep the text layer selected then Press U to reveal all keyframes. Then drag the second keyframe to 5 seconds. Make sure, your time cursor is at 5 seconds. Go to the Edit menu, then click Split layer. Then delete the top layer. Finally, unhide the second text layer. then drag it to start from 5 seconds.

Our Falling Text Animation is ready.

Here you can download the project file (File Size: 20 KB)


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