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Particles Logo & Text Animation in Adobe After Effects

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If you are looking to create a particle logo animation then this is the right tutorial for you. In this tutorial, you will learn to create a simple Particle logo animation in Adobe After Effects. Yes, we are going to use the Particles plugin. I will share the download link. This step-by-step guide will help you to create an amazing Particle logo animation.

Let’s get started.

Step 1: First of all open Adobe After Effect and create a new composition. Rename it to Particles logo animation. Set the resolution to 1920×1080 Pixels. Frame rate to 30 frames per second. Set the duration to 10 seconds.

Step 2: Select the Type Tool from the toolbar and add your text. Center the anchor point then align the text to the center.

Step 3: Right-click on the text layer and choose pre-compose then rename it to the LOGO BUILD. Double click the logo build layer again right click on the text layer and choose Pre-compose. Rename it to the LOGO HERE.

Step 4: Keep the LOGO HERE layer selected then select the rectangle tool and create a mask just like this.
Particles Logo 1

Then under the mask add a keyframe on the mask path then Select the move tool. Go to about 4 seconds on a timeline and double-click the mask anchor points. Hold the shift key on the keyframe and drag the mask position. Our mask animation will look like this.

Particles Logo 2

Step 5: Select the Logo Here layer and Press F to open Mask Feather. Set the mask feather to 25 pixels. Go back to the Particle logo composition then Enable the 3D Option and hide the layer.

Step 6: Go to the Layer > New > Select the Solid. Rename it to the particles or whatever name you like. Go to the Effects & Presets and Search the Effect “Particular”. Drag and drop to the screen.

Go to the Particular settings.
Emitter. Change particles per second to 6 hundred thousand. Change the Emitter type to Box. Change the Emitter Size X, Y, and Z value to 0. Change the Emitter type to Layer. Go to the Layer Emitter, and change the layer to LOGO BUILD. Layer sampling to “Particle Birth time”.
Change the velocity to 150. Change the velocity random to 50. Velocity distribution to 1.0. Velocity from motion to 90.

Under the Particles: Change the life per second to 1.5. Life random percentage to 100. Change particle type to Cloudlet. Change the cloudlet feather to 0. Size random percentage to 100. Size over life to something like this. Opacity over life to the last option. Opacity random percentage to 15.

Under the shading option: Turn on the Shadowlet for main, and Shadowlet for Aux options.

Go to the shadowlet settings: Change the opacity to 3 and adjust the size to 130.

Under the Physics: Under the Air. Then under the turbulence field: Change the Affect position to 150. Fade-in-time, seconds to 0.1. Change the Complexity to 1. Change the Wind Y value to -100. Go to the rendering > Under the motion blur and turn on the motion blur.

Step 7: Go to the Effects & Presets and search Effect Sharpen. Drag and drop to the screen. Change the sharpen amount to 100.

Step 8: Go back to the projects panel. Drag and drop the LOGO HERE composition just below the layers. Right-click on it, go to the Effects and then transition and Select the Linear wipe. Change the Wipe angle to positive 270 degrees. Make sure you are at the first frame. Change the transition completion value to 100%, and then add a keyframe. Go to about 4 seconds on the timeline. Then Change the transition completion value to 0%. Now, change the feather amount to 25.

Step 9: Select the particle layer and change the velocity to 100, Velocity random to 15.

Step 10: Let’s change the Text color if you want.

We are done! Our Particular logo animation is ready in Adobe After Effects.


Here you can download the free Project file (File Size: 41.4 KB)

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