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Create an A in Adobe After Effects

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If you are looking to create an infinity animation, then you are at the right place. In this tutorial, you will learn to create an amazing infinity animation in Adobe After Effects without using any plugins. By applying this method you can create your own infinity animation. You can use it for preloader animation or you can sell this video on Shutter Stoke. I have made this tutorial easy for beginners. So you can watch this tutorial or here is a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Open Adobe After Effects then create a new composition. Rename it to Infinity Animation. Set the resolutions to 1920×1080 pixels and 30 frames per second, and set the duration to 4 seconds.

Step 2: Go to the toolbar, and select the Ellipse tool. Set the fill color to none and stroke color to solid color with 5 pixels. Hold the Shift and Alt keys and draw a circle. Center the anchor point then align it to the center, then Lock the layer. Again select the ellipse tool. Set the fill color to solid color and choose any color you like. Set the stroke color to none. Draw a small circle just like this.
Draw a small circle

Step 3: Select the move tool, and center the anchor point. Click this little add button and select the repeater.

Add the Repeater

Go under the repeater 1. Then under the transform repeater 1. Change the X position from 100 to 0. Change the rotation to 18 degrees and change the copies to 20. Let’s increase the circle size so, go to ellipse 1 then transform ellipse 1 and increase the scale.

Step 4: Select repeater 1 then click the little add button. Again choose the repeater. Go under repeater 2 and change the copies to 2. Go under transform repeater 2 and change the X position to something like this.
Change the repeater X position

Change the rotation to 4 degrees and slightly move the circle to the left side. Unlock the circle layer and delete it. Rename the shape layer to an infinity Shape. Keep the layer selected and press Control + D to make it duplicate. Go under the duplicated layer properties. Then under the contents and delete both repeaters.

Step 5: Change the shape layer color to white. Keep the layer selected and press the S key on the keyboard to open scale properties. Then add a keyframe, go forward to 2 seconds on a timeline then change the scale to 15%. Rename the top layer to a circle or anything you want. Go to the first frame and select the circle layer and make it duplicate. Press Control + right arrow to move 3 frames forward. Then drag the second layer to start from 3 frames.

Move three seconds forward

Now, move the circle, just like this. Again repeat the second layer. Move three frames forward and drag the third layer and then move the circle. Repeat the same process until you create all circles.

Create all shapes

Step 5: Select the infinity shape layer. And make it invisible, or you can delete it if you want. 

Right-click on Infinity Animation and choose composition settings. Then change the duration to 8 seconds. Go forward to 4 seconds on a timeline. Select all layers, and press control + D to make them duplicate. Move the duplicated layer to the top side. Now, move all duplicated layers to start from 4 seconds.
Duplicated layers

Step 6: Make sure, you are at the 4 seconds and press the B key to select the work area. Right-click here and choose to trim comp to the work area. Select all layers. Right-click and choose pre-compose. Rename it to Infinity or whatever name you like.

Step 7: Select the infinity composition layer. Go to effects and presets and search the effect Fill. Drag and drop to the layer. Again search for the effect Hue & saturation then drag and drop to the infinity layer. Click the little stopwatch icon to add a keyframe on the Channel range. Go to the last frame and change the mater hue degrees.

Step 8: Select the infinity layer and press control + D to make it duplicate. Rename it to Infinity Glow. Go to effects & presets and search for the effect Glow. Drag and drop to the Infinity glow layer. Change the glow threshold to 55%, and change the glow radius value to 35. Select the Glow effect and make it duplicate. Change the glow radius value to 0, and change the glow intensity value to 0.

Our Infinity Shape animation is ready.


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