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Flicker Text Animation in Adobe After Effects

Flicker Text Animation in Adobe After Effects is a cool way to make your words stand out in videos. It’s like making your text blink or twinkle. You can easily do this by changing the opacity of the text, making it go bright and then dim quickly. This gives a flickering effect that catches people’s attention. With simple steps in After Effects, you can add this fun and eye-catching animation to your text, making it more interesting and engaging for your audience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Flicker Text Animation:

Step 1: Setting up the Composition

  • Open Adobe After Effects and create a new composition.
  • Name it “Flicker Text Animation” with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, 30 frames per second, and 5 seconds.

Step 2: Adding Text

  • Use the type tool to add text to the composition.
  • Select the text layer, center the anchor point, and align the text to the center.

Step 3: Flicker Animation

  • Access text properties, click the Animate button, and choose opacity.
  • Create keyframes for opacity: start at 0%, move to 2 seconds at 100%, and adjust advanced settings for a flickering effect.

Step 4: Additional Animation

  • Reveal keyframes (press U) and add a keyframe at 3 seconds to make the text disappear.
  • Duplicate the text layer, change the name to “Flicker Stroke,” and adjust stroke settings.

Step 5: Color Adjustment

  • Duplicate the composition, delete the stroke layer, and import color files.
  • Assign colors to individual letters using the eyedropper tool.

Step 6: Enhancing the Animation

  • Duplicate the flicker text layer, rename it “Flicker Glow,” and apply the Gaussian blur Legacy effect with a blurriness value of 30.

Step 7: Adding Stroke

  • Duplicate the flicker text layer, hide the bottom layers, switch the fill color to stroke, and adjust the stroke width.
  • Ensure random seed values are changed for a dynamic appearance.

Step 8: Sound Effect

  • Drag and drop a sound file into the composition.
  • Split the sound layer and align it with the completion of the flicker animation.

Step 9: Final Output

  • Review the entire composition for a vibrant and dynamic flicker text animation.
  • Make adjustments as needed and export your final result.

I trust this comprehensive tutorial has been beneficial, and should you have any inquiries or uncertainties, feel free to leave a comment. I look forward to assisting you in future tutorials.

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UpdatedMarch 25, 2024
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