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Create Professional Light Leaks in Adobe After Effects

Create amazing & professional light leaks in Adobe After Effects. In this tutorial, you will learn to create amazing professional light leaks in Adobe After Effects without using any third-party plugins. After watching this tutorial, you will make your own light leaks animation in Adobe After Effects.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Professional Light Leaks:

Step 1: Begin by Launching Adobe After Effects and Creating a New Composition

To start, open Adobe After Effects and create a new composition. Give it a name, like “Light Leaks,” or choose any name that suits your preference. Set the resolution to 1920×1080 pixels, frame rate to 30 frames per second, and duration to 10 seconds.

Step 2: Adding the Dynamic Light Effect

  1. Go to the Layer Menu > New > Solid.
  2. Rename the solid layer to “Lights.”
  3. Locate the Effect and Presets section, and search for “Fractal Noise.”
  4. Drag and drop the Fractal Noise effect onto the solid layer.

Configure the Fractal Noise settings as follows:

  • Change the fractal type from basic to Dynamic.
  • Set Noise Type to spline.
  • Adjust Contrast to 175 and Brightness to -65.
  • Change the complexity to 1.
  • To enable animation, hold the Alt key and click the Evolution stopwatch icon in settings. Add the expression “Time * 300” to it.

Step 3: Transforming the Effect

Navigate to the Transform settings:

  1. Under Transform, adjust the scale to 1500.
  2. Feel free to customize these settings based on your preferences.

Step 4: Adding Color with Hue and Saturation

  1. Go to Effects & Presets and find “Hue and Saturation.”
  2. Apply the effect to the composition and enable the colorize option.
  3. Adjust the color hue to your liking.
  4. Set the colorize saturation to 60.

Step 5: Integrating Video and Enhancing the Animation

  1. Import the desired video by going to the File menu.
  2. Drag and drop the video just below the “Lights” layer.
  3. Change the Lights layer mode from normal to Add.
  4. Duplicate the Lights layer by selecting it and pressing Control D. Move the duplicated layer to the 1-second mark.

Adjust the Evolution settings:

  1. Change the time value from 300 to 150.
  2. Navigate to Transform and set the scale value to 1000.
  3. Modify the color hue value to 320.

Congratulations, Your Professional Light Leaks Animation is Complete!

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UpdatedMarch 25, 2024
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